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What is School Management Software?

School management software is a tool that is specially design to streamline the paperless administration of the school. The various modules greatly help staff and teachers in maintain student records, academics history, and other essential student information’s. An efficient school management system acts like a unifier, for the different department and can be access from any location. Web based School Management Software is the best way to manage your school in a productive, systematic, and organized manner.

Features Of School Management System

1- Student Management: –

School management software keeps track of the students, entire registration process. User can easily add, delete, modify, and view modules which give them complete information of a student..

2- Fee Management: –

Management of the fee is a critical task for the schools- this modules maintains the complete track records of the number of the fees paid of the entire student base.

3- Notification and Alerts: –

Students, teaching staff and management get timely notifications and alerts regarding important school events and activities through this module.

4- Timetable Management: –

Managing a school time table is a big task- this module helps in setting and maintains the time table according to the academics regulations.

5- Attendance Management: –

Keeping and update record of all student attendance is an important function of the schools- this modules tracks and keep the list of student attendance updated.

Running a school requires compressive tools such as school management software. That will assist the staff in keeping records, sorting data and streamlining academics process. Investing in a suitable school management System is essential these days.

Advantages Of School Management System

1-Easy and Faster Communication:-

This school management software notify you about fees, exams, parent teacher meeting, events, holidays, with simple software modules.

2-Efficient Information Management:-

Sending a sms or push notifications are the easier ways to help management, for updating their data as compared to paper based method.

3-User Friendly for Parents and Teachers:-

A good school portal is designed to engage teachers, parents and students within simple to use interface.

4-Information Tracking:-

Messages and push notifications makes it smooth for everyone to track attendance, fee submission, examination schedules and more.

5-Easy to Access:-

Most of the parents don’t find time to visits the school for every small issues. As the software for school management is generally mobile friendly, so they can access it from the mobile phone. With this feature it is convenient for teacher and staff also.


With school management system it is impossible to hide any necessary information from the user, so it keeps a good bond between the schools and parents.

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